Personal Portfolio

I have So many SkillS that leadS
me all to art, Since my childhood
I waS reading & watching
a great movieS with my
father who working aS
a director & actor, i felt so
many thing and I wanted to
expreSS my Self So I Started
to do some drawing firSt but
​that wasn't enough for me then
I went for writing after that I waS
creating comicS and Strangly
my formation frameS waS
​good not by learning
but by SenSe
When I became ready for college I went to High inStitute of Cinema & I tried to enter the Section of Direction & I didn't find a way to get near of it except by entering the Animation Section because it will give me at graduation the title I want (Director) So it waS eaSy for me to pass all the exams perfectly becauSe I can draw already, So I became an animator, Through my Studing I tried to learn muSic alSo by SenSe So I played piano and guitar not So good but I need it :), After finiSh my college I Started to work aS a Storyboard illuStrator and creating advertising ideaS for 4 yearS, after that I went through the field of editing and became an editor, Supervisor editor, Promo producer & of course alSo a photographer, I alwayS like to believe that I'm a multi talented perSon not an ordinary one, I like to think that after 1000 yearS from now Some one will look to my work and Say: Oh there waS a talented guy lived on thiS spot ofearth once.
Ahmed Abd El-Halim
​Graduated from Academy of ArtS - High inStitute of cinema and Grade very good of animation diviSion and holdS the Division of Direction started working for the agency TN CommunicationS aS StoryboardS illuStrator aS I am currently working aS a Promo producer.

My Short Biography

I did Several video clipS and documentary movieS for el-arabeya Channel & other
​And now I'm trying to tapping the director who inSide me to expreSS by a different
​way what is going on in ​my mind.

Ahmed Abd El-Halim Falcon photography Studio © 2013

Ahmed Abd el-halim


Gear: Canon 5D mark II
          Canon   EF 24-105mm f/4 L
          Canon   EF 100mm f/2.8 L
          Canon   135mm f/2 L

          CanonSpeedlit 600 ex-rt

          Nikon D5000 with Nikkor 18-55